What’s our mission?

Our mission is to empower kids to make amazing things happen in their lives by teaching them how to make amazing things happen in the kitchen.

Why does it matter?

Research shows, kids in underserved communities are less likely to grow up believing they are in control of what happens in their lives. By teaching kids to set goals, follow a plan, push through when things get tough, and ultimately succeed, we can help shape the way they approach their world.

How do our classes work?

We teach weekly cooking lessons to kids aged 8-12 in underserved Chicago neighborhoods. In each 8-week session, the kids experience real life lessons firsthand - things like the importance of patience, that it’s ok to ask for help, how to course-correct when things aren’t going as planned. Each class follows the "5 Steps to Cook Anything" - a model that can be applied outside of the kitchen toward the kids' challenges and goals in life.

  1. Decide what you want to make

  2. Get a recipe ready

  3. Follow it closely

  4. Check in and edit

  5. Taste and reflec

Where are our classes currently offered?

Pilsen - Gads Hill Center 

East Garfield Park - Breakthrough FamilyPlex

*If you’d like us to bring Kitchen Possible to your neighborhood (bonus points if you have community center in mind), send us an email!

How can you help?

Kitchen Possible is in the process of expanding, as we look to reach other low-income neighborhoods in Chicago. Our goal is to offer Kitchen Possible classes to as many kids as we can.

To make it happen, we need your help!

Please consider donating to Kitchen Possible. Any amount will make a difference! Kitchen Possible is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Volunteer with us! We’re always looking for team leaders to work in the kitchen with the kids. Minimal cooking skills required. Maximum patience, motivational pep talk, and joke telling skills required!

If you work for/own a company and would like to partner in another way, let’s talk!